Since all our products are electronic, you can get your code digital for any gift cards immediately after purchasing.
In some cases related to the email system, it is possible that the email will send the download link to you that is delayed.
Please wait up to 24 hours, we always make sure you receive the download link no later than 3-6 hours.

~We will give you a refund if your situation falls into one of these 2 cases:
The gift cards you downloaded is not as advertised.
You receive an error when trying to open the gift cards.
Anything else – contact us and we’ll figure it our to make you happy with the purchase.

~We will NOT issue a refund if your situation falls into one of these cases:
You purchased the gift card you thought that this was a physical gift card. We have made it very clear that our products are electronic and not physical in the description as well as the title of the product.
You don’t need the gift card anymore due to unforeseen circumstances.
The refund money will be funded back to your Bank Account within 3 – 5 business days.

For customer complaints please contact us at: